The Most Instagrammable Desserts in Tulsa

The Most Instagrammable Desserts in Tulsa

Treat your followers to a sweet sight. Check out the most Instagrammable desserts in Tulsa.

Ida Red General Store & Soda Fountain: Unicorn Milkshake

Let’s face it, unicorn anything is about as trendy as avocado toast right now. The bright colors (peep that millennial pink) go perfectly with nearly any Instagram aesthetic. I saw this beauty on Ida Red’s Instagram account a few weeks ago and HAD to try it when I came into town. The only difference between mine and the actual Unicorn Milkshake is that it typically has cotton candy instead of whipped cream on top, but their machine was broken when I came in. 😦 Either way, it’s enough to put anyone into a sugar coma!

Also, this General Store & Soda Shop has the CUTEST Tulsa and Oklahoma merch, and even has an old fashioned soda fountain where you can belly up to the bar and sip on your milkshake in style — making it the perfect spot to snap few pics!

Pinkitzel Cupcakes: Neapolitan & Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes

Stepping through the doors of Pinkitzel downtown, I was immediately ambushed by the overwhelming smell of sugar and PINK. LITERALLY. EVERYWHERE. I felt like I had been hit with sensory overload from everything hanging on the walls or from the ceiling. Guys, I’m not even joking… look.

When I finally made it back to the desserts, I saw the cutest assortment of cupcakes and macarons. I stood at the counter, eyes big as saucers, mouth watering, as I looked at every color and flavor at my disposal. Making an ultimate decision was difficult, but I settled on something pink to match the ~vibe~ I was going for. Spoiler alert: they were as delicious as they were beautiful.

The best part about Pinkitzel? They offer private parties! This is the perfect place for a GNO, birthday party, bridal shower or even a bachelorette party. Check out what other cute desserts they have to offer (*cough* unicorn cake *cough*) on their website or follow them on Instagram.

The Pop House: Watermelon Mint and Peaches & Cream Popsicle

I swear by this little hidden gem in Tulsa! Located on Peoria, between 36th and 41st, this small blue popsicle stand may look inconspicuous, but the popsicles are anything but. All of the popsicles are homemade and use locally sourced and natural ingredients. Flavors range from your typical “chocolate” to more unique selections such as Peanut Butter & Jelly and Cereal & Milk.

So, what makes these so Instagrammable? How about the comic book-style mural located right next to the little blue hut? Not to mention the blue hut itself! This is a great spot to snag a few photos with your popsicle in front of the mural or behind the building. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Check out their Instagram for inspiration.

Antoinette Baking Company: Macarons

Because honestly, what would Instagram even be without macarons? Something that I really loved about Antoinette that stood out when I was doing my research for the blog was their gluten-free and vegan options. My husband is gluten intolerant, so it was important for us to find something that he could indulge in as well.

I’ve followed them on Instagram for quite awhile, but finally had a chance to stop in and try some of their decadent desserts. From their macarons to their custom cakes like the one below, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Plus, the aesthetic of the bakery will add a vintage flare to your profile.


Honorable Mentions

Craving more? Check out these photo-worthy local eateries as well.

Do you have any sweet treats you’d like me to add to the list? Slide into my DMs, as the kids say, or just contact me with your suggestions! My sweet tooth appreciates it.


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